Body Piercing

All piercings are carried out by the highly reputable Will Brown

Will has a fantastic reputation for his Body Piercing, and an untarnished career spanning 6 years, not only will you receive a perfectly applied piercing , but also the wealth of knowledge that can only come with years of experience. He has a lifetime aftercare guarantee so if at any point you’d like his advice, he’s more than happy to help.

As with all body modification, cleanliness is paramount. We ensure that all procedures are carried out in a hygienic way using pre-sterilised utensils and disposables where possible, and we carry these processes out in the safest way possible.

Price List

Ear lobe £10 each
Helix £25
Forward Helix £25
Tragus £25
Anti-Tragus £25
Rook £25
Snug £25
Daith £25
Scaffold £40
Nose £25
Septum £30
Eyebrow £25
Lip £30
Monroe £30
Madonna £30
Medusa £30
Tongue £30
Smiley £30
Tongue Web £30
Nipple £30 – £50
Navel £30
Microdermal Anchor £40

Microdermal Removal £20


For a price on more advanced piercings that are not on the list please feel free to contact us