Welcome to Inkslingerz Tattoo Studio


Looking for an amazing studio for your new tattoo or piercing? or maybe you’re looking to get an old tattoo removed using state of the art laser tattoo removal? look no further. this is the studio for you.

Inkslingerz Tattoo Studio prides itself on providing clean and proffessional services in;

  • Tattooing
  • Body Piercing
  • Laser Tattoo Removal

We are located in Beck Row, Suffolk, just outside of the Mildenhall RAF base-¬†only a stone’s throw from Mildenhall town and Lakenheath Village. We have a great reputation in the local area. Our Tattoo Artists, Body Piercer, and Laser Tattoo Removal Technicians have years of experience behind them, so we are confident we will provide you with an unmatchable service. don’t take our word for it, take a look through our portfolios using the navigation bar above, or go straight to the artist’s portfolios below.


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